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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another freebie post ..

It’s been a little while since my last freebie post, so I thought I’d let you know about a few more that have cropped up.
They’re not all exactly free, as you’ll have you pay P&P. But here goes…
First one is one I’ve blogged about before, but it’s an absolute favourite of mine so I have to share it again. It’s the Nivea Super Moisturising Lipstick in Big Berry. It’s not as dark as it appears to be in the picture, it’s more of a sheer pink/lilac – I’m wearing it in my sidebar picture!

It’s priced at £6.99 on the HalfPricePerfumes website, but if you click here and enter code freenivealippy at the checkout you’ll only have to pay £1.99 P&P. I’ve got two of these as I love it so much.

Next up is Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer, available in Classic Beige or Soft Ivory – which of course are a tad too light for me. Haven’t used Rimmel Dual Action Concealer before, but I’ve read some good reviews on it.

Priced at £4.99, again on HalfPricePerfumes, but if you click here and enter code freerimmel you’ll only have to pay £1.99 P&P.

Last up from HalfPricePerfumes is Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Brown. This isn’t something that really interests me as brown mascara makes my lashes completely invisible.

This mascara is £7.99, but of course the same drill as last time – click here and enter code freebourjoismascara to only pay £1.99 P&P.

Next up is a free sample – and a bit of a weird one. If you head to the website and fill out a mini questionnaire you can get a free sample of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. Now before you click the little [X], wait …

Any tattooed ladies reading will know that this is perfect to apply on new tattoos to help them heal. BUT many a beauty blogger has hailed it as the perfect lip treatment. Anyone who suffers from very dry, chapped lips should give this a go.

Don’t be put off by the name, order a free sample and give it a try! 

Next is a sample of Silderm Stretch Mark Oil. Perfect for pregnant tummies, or those unsightly puberty stretch marks. I haven’t received my sample yet so I can’t say much about it, but for free? Hmm, why not?!

Not really a beauty product, or a freebie, but 4Kandles.co.uk are offering a sample of their new collection – similar to the Yankee candle offer. You only need to pay 99p with free shipping and you get five different scents.
My last freebie, which again isn’t beauty related is this lovely set of Swarovski Princess pencils by ICE London. Click here to head to the website and enter code EGPN-004 into the search box, this will bring up all of the pencil sets that are eligible in the deal.

During checkout enter code MOS100 and you’ll only have to pay £1.95 P&P. They’ve experienced a high volume of requests so they’ll take a little while to arrive but they look really cute and I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.

So that’s it for my freebies, as always I’ll let you know when I come across more! :)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hotel Chocolat Competition ..

Quick post about my Hotel Chocolat goodies.

For those that don’t know Hotel Chocolat was running a competition on their FB page, giving away 90,000 chocolate prizes. I was lucky enough to win ‘The Sleekster Easter Egg Selection’ worth £22.

I went to pick it up in store yesterday so here it is.


Runny Salted Caramel -- So delish! :)

Did you manage to get any goodies from the competition?

Lola ..x

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ojon Goodies! ..

Earlier this week, still nursing my wounds from not getting the Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Serum, I headed over to Beauty Box Swaps to see if there was anyone who was crazy enough not to want it.

I did find the lovely Nora who swapped items from my dud Harrods Glossy Box for her Ojon Serums and I was content. But whilst I was searching, somebody (can’t remember who!) posted that Ojon had announced a special giveaway code for their FB fans. Any orders made on the online store would get a free 250ml bottle of their Damage Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner and free delivery.

I’m trying to save money at the moment so I immediately told myself no – but I of course caved in after five minutes, reasoning that the cheapest item on the website was only £6! Needless to say the deal was snapped up pretty quickly so I was glad I took the plunge!

So anyway, I had a knock at the door the other day and was presented with a huge box …

When I saw Ojon on the top I was surprised that the delivery was so quick – but less time pondering and more time ripping open parcels!

Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo 250ml – Worth £20
Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner 250ml – Worth £21.50
Dry Recovery Hydrating Conditioner – Worth £6 (Paid for)
Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment – Sample size worth £2.56
Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus – Sample size worth £2.60

Now I read that they were 250ml, but it didn’t occur to me that the shampoo and conditioner would be so big – and my paid conditioner so small!

Slightly disappointed at the size of the Dry Recovery conditioner, not the product itself (it seems lovely and thick) but just the size of it. Can’t complain too much though, as it did come with £47 worth of freebies AND free delivery!

The sample sachets were a complete surprise, so I was extra chuffed when I got them.

Haven’t used them yet so full review to come shortly, but I’m loving the oil at the moment so hopefully they’ll yield similar results.

Lola ..x

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pop Beauty Lipstick & CK Lip Gloss

Being a very poor student I’m always on the hunt for a bargain or two and if you’ve seen my last few freebie posts you’ll realise I’ve found quite a few.

This will just be a quick review of some free lip-glosses that I received recently.

Pop Beauty Lip Lust Lipstick & Lip Gloss Lip Smoothie Duo in Petal Pink
The lipstick is full size, but it’s really cute and compact and comes in a blue and pink housing. It’s kind of an orange-y pink, which put me off a little at first but it glides on very sheer. It looks really natural against my skin tone but with a small amount of shimmer.

Bare lips on the left, and Pink Petal Lipstick on the right.

It's difficult to see in this picture, but the sticker says £5.
When I was younger I loved lip-gloss. As I’ve said many times lipstick never suits me but gloss always did. I outgrew the shiny and sticky look and opted for balms instead, and the Pink Petal lip-gloss makes me realise why.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice but it tastes and smells awful. It’s really ‘chemically’ and oily, and whilst I think it looks nice on, the taste was just horrible. Now it’s not the worst lip-gloss I’ve come across in terms of smell and taste but since I’m used to lovely lip balms and salves I don’t know how often I’ll be reaching for this!

Bare lips on the left, Pink Petal lip-gloss on the right.

Think the duo was a really good freebie. Love the lipstick and would probably use the lip-gloss at some point if I could hack the taste!

Calvin Klein Glistening Lip-Gloss in Dazzle
I love the smell of this lip-gloss it’s like Fruitella! Still fairly sticky, seems like this is kind of unavoidable
with most glosses, but has a really like applicator brush and glides on really smoothly.
Not entirely sure on the colour, The Boy liked the Pop Beauty Duo but wasn’t so keen on this one. Same with me too. Plus I think I need to see it outside before I can make up my mind completely. Really nice quality though.

Bare lips on the left, CK gloss on the right.

What are your thoughts? Should I bin it? 

Have you ordered any freebies recently?

Lola ..x

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A few more freebies ..

As promised here’s another freebie post, this time courtesy of Beauty Outlet Direct. I’ve ordered couple of freebies from there and can personally vouch for them; delivery is £2.95 so not the cheapest but quite fast.

You can only have one free item per order, so if you were going to order all four you'd have to pay four lots of postage.
Pop Beauty Lip Lust Lipstick & Lip Gloss Duo – Worth £12
Available in four shades:
Set 1 – Dewy Toffeelight peachy-nude glow
Set 2 – Petal Pinksheer light pink
Set 3 – Flirty Fuchsia – sheer bright pink
Set 4 – Naughty Redsheer strawberry red
Click here, pick your set and enter code ‘APSB’ when prompted. I got mine in Set 2 and it’s really nice. They’re all really sheer colours though so don’t expect high pigments.

Pop Beauty Eye Cake Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Duo – Worth £16
Available in four different shade combinations but I couldn’t find the names of each!
Click here, pick your shade and enter code ‘RPBE’ when prompted.

Nina Ricci Concealer & Elizabeth Arden Lip Colour – Worth £18
Unfortunately the lip colour is picked at random and they don’t mention what options you have, and the concealer isn’t for my skin tone but I think this is a really good freebie.
Just click here, add to your basket and enter code ‘WOW’ when prompted.

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Perfect Ginger – Worth £12
Elizabeth Arden says, ‘This lustrous, color-saturated lipstick, infused with Volulip delivers brilliant moisturizing color, lasting comfort and shine for a plumper, fuller looking lips. Lips look fuller, more defined ... feel youthfully smooth, soft and nourished.
Click here, add to your basket and enter code ‘RPEAG’ when prompted.

As always let me know if you indulge. My review of the Pop Beauty Lip Lust Duo will follow! :)

Lola ..x

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Monday, March 5, 2012

MORE freebies! ..

Just done an all-nighter finishing off a uni assignment. THE PAIN. Have to go and hand it in and come back to do the same thing all over again. Roll on summer please!

Just a quick post with more FREEBIES! Because I love them and they seem to get me through the day!

First things first, I got my free Nivea Lipstick today and I love it. It’s not as pigmented as I hoped it would be, and it’s more pinky than purpley, but it’s really nice. Was cruising the net last night and found out that the deal hasn’t expired yet … so I’ve order myself another one! And you should too! Review to come!

HalfPricePerfumes is actually making me really happy!

Click here, add the Super Moisturising Lipstick in Big Berry to the basket, and use code FREENIVEALIPPY when you check out. Simples.

ALSO, from HPP is Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara in blue. I haven’t ordered this myself just because I don’t think it’ll suit me.
Click here, add it to your basket and checkout with code FREEBOURJOISXMAS.

Summer isn’t quite upon us yet, so unless you’re going on holiday is going to be pretty difficult to get a proper tan. HPP have got a freebie going on Sunmaxx Bronzing Milk. I'm naturally tanned so I'll be passing this one up too. Haha.
You know the drill by now, click here, add it to your basket and checkout with code FREESUNMAXX.

Now like I said before they’re not completely free, you do have to pay £1.99 P&P BUT you do get a free sample of Fudge OOMF Conditioner.

Not really beauty related, but Big Shotz are offering a freebie on their vitamin drink, and again all you have to do is pay the P&P. Click here for their website.

There was one more for a lip-gloss, but again I seem to have left it too late to blog about it and the code has now reached usage capacity! :(

Let me know if you order any of these!

Leave some love.

Lola ..x 

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just have one more assignment for uni to finish and then I’ll have a bit more time to blog. I’ve got so much to update you all on – received the best Carmine and Glossybox boxes, ever!

I’m also going to be having a BENEFIT giveaway very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

This post is all about the freebies though, as I’ve found a few FREE and highly discounted items that I just can’t keep to myself. Unfortunately one of them expires today and I don’t want you to miss out ladies!

Until yesterday I hadn’t heard of Half Price Perfumes but it’s a website with lots of discounted beauty products. I’ve got a code for one freebie and all you need to do is pay the £1.99 postage. Okay, they’re not entirely free since you have to pay the P&P, but you do get a free sample sachet of Fudge Oomf Conditioner!

I’ve ordered mine and I’m really excited to receive a Nivea Super Moisturising Lipstick in Big Berry. Waxy Nivea chapsticks are a staple in my makeup and handbag so I can imagine that this lipstick will be ‘super moisturising’! Click here, add it to your basket and enter code ‘FREENIVEALIPPY’ at the checkout. Don’t even think about it, just do it! Offer runs out today!

Now this one isn’t entirely free but there’s a massive discount. For those ladies lucky enough to be ‘toffee shade’ then this is perfect for you as it’s only available in that shade – BOO! Click here, add it to your basket and enter code ‘99PMAXFACTOR’ at the checkout. Really wish they had it in more shades, but I suppose that’s why it’s on offer. If anyone does buy this then let me know what it’s like!

I did have a whole list of free things from Half Price Perfumes, including a Revlon lipstick and a Bourjois eyeshadow(!) - both for free, but having just checked them it seems that too many people have used the codes and so the promotions are over. Sorry ladies! Next time I find out about these things, you guys will be the first to know!

However, there are some free Clinque products up for grabs in the April Cosmopolitan magazine, which is out in shops now. You get two free products out of four up for grabs – a mini mascara, 30ml Moisture Surge, a lip gloss and a facial scrub. The Moisture Surge cream is available in Boots - £30 for 50ml, so £3.50 for the mag is well worth it. Will hopefully pick one or two up later on today!
I've heard that some places mightn't have it until 1st March, so make sure you look out for the gorgeous Holly Willoughby on the cover!

Nivea are doing free samples of the new Nivea Q10 Pore Refining Day Cream. You can order your sample here.

Last of all, I’ve found a free Calvin Klein lip gloss, all you need to do is pay the £2.95 P&P. Click here, choose your shade and add to the basket, then enter code ‘BCKLG’ during the checkout process. I picked mine in ‘dazzle’ as it looks as if it’ll be clear. It retails for £12 on this website, but is generally between £7 and £14 elsewhere, so a decent saving!

Calvin Klein, Dazzle.

More of these to come, I promise to keep you all informed. ;)

Not really a freebie, but Body Shop are offering 40% off orders online over the next couple of days. Perfect for Mother's Day or just a treat for yourself! Couldn't really pass up the offer so I treated myself to a new primer and a lipscuff. Excited.com right now!

Let me know if you do decide to take advantage of any of these! I'm really looking forward to the Nivea lipstick!

Lola ..x

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