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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just have one more assignment for uni to finish and then I’ll have a bit more time to blog. I’ve got so much to update you all on – received the best Carmine and Glossybox boxes, ever!

I’m also going to be having a BENEFIT giveaway very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

This post is all about the freebies though, as I’ve found a few FREE and highly discounted items that I just can’t keep to myself. Unfortunately one of them expires today and I don’t want you to miss out ladies!

Until yesterday I hadn’t heard of Half Price Perfumes but it’s a website with lots of discounted beauty products. I’ve got a code for one freebie and all you need to do is pay the £1.99 postage. Okay, they’re not entirely free since you have to pay the P&P, but you do get a free sample sachet of Fudge Oomf Conditioner!

I’ve ordered mine and I’m really excited to receive a Nivea Super Moisturising Lipstick in Big Berry. Waxy Nivea chapsticks are a staple in my makeup and handbag so I can imagine that this lipstick will be ‘super moisturising’! Click here, add it to your basket and enter code ‘FREENIVEALIPPY’ at the checkout. Don’t even think about it, just do it! Offer runs out today!

Now this one isn’t entirely free but there’s a massive discount. For those ladies lucky enough to be ‘toffee shade’ then this is perfect for you as it’s only available in that shade – BOO! Click here, add it to your basket and enter code ‘99PMAXFACTOR’ at the checkout. Really wish they had it in more shades, but I suppose that’s why it’s on offer. If anyone does buy this then let me know what it’s like!

I did have a whole list of free things from Half Price Perfumes, including a Revlon lipstick and a Bourjois eyeshadow(!) - both for free, but having just checked them it seems that too many people have used the codes and so the promotions are over. Sorry ladies! Next time I find out about these things, you guys will be the first to know!

However, there are some free Clinque products up for grabs in the April Cosmopolitan magazine, which is out in shops now. You get two free products out of four up for grabs – a mini mascara, 30ml Moisture Surge, a lip gloss and a facial scrub. The Moisture Surge cream is available in Boots - £30 for 50ml, so £3.50 for the mag is well worth it. Will hopefully pick one or two up later on today!
I've heard that some places mightn't have it until 1st March, so make sure you look out for the gorgeous Holly Willoughby on the cover!

Nivea are doing free samples of the new Nivea Q10 Pore Refining Day Cream. You can order your sample here.

Last of all, I’ve found a free Calvin Klein lip gloss, all you need to do is pay the £2.95 P&P. Click here, choose your shade and add to the basket, then enter code ‘BCKLG’ during the checkout process. I picked mine in ‘dazzle’ as it looks as if it’ll be clear. It retails for £12 on this website, but is generally between £7 and £14 elsewhere, so a decent saving!

Calvin Klein, Dazzle.

More of these to come, I promise to keep you all informed. ;)

Not really a freebie, but Body Shop are offering 40% off orders online over the next couple of days. Perfect for Mother's Day or just a treat for yourself! Couldn't really pass up the offer so I treated myself to a new primer and a lipscuff. Excited.com right now!

Let me know if you do decide to take advantage of any of these! I'm really looking forward to the Nivea lipstick!

Lola ..x

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At February 29, 2012 at 9:59 AM , Blogger Giada Beauty said...

Thank you Lola! So many freebies hehe... Going to grab the magazine now , bye xx

At February 29, 2012 at 10:51 AM , Blogger LolaStar said...

Ooo let me know what you get in yours!

Going to get mine in a bit :)

Thanks for reading!



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