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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GlossyBox! ..

Yesterday morning I was woken up by the postman at 7.30am. I was hugely annoyed as I’m off of uni on Monday’s and really wanted a lie in, and also because I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards. However, I couldn’t stay mad for long as the PM was delivering this gorgeous little box – my first GlossyBox!

I was debating for ages as to whether I should bite the bullet and start a subscription to Glossybox, and then I managed to find a few 50% discount codes for the January boxes and finally went for it! Can’t go wrong when it’s half off, right?

I was SO excited when I ripped the box open and found the pretty pink box full of goodies inside! :)

[Blurry - sorry!]

This box is their Valentines Day Special, but I was slightly disappointed because there didn’t seem to be a lot of Valentines Day orientated products inside. I’m in no way bashing it though because as soon as I opened it I instantly fell in love!

Not so sure about the primer, simply because I don’t think it was designed for dark skin tones. I’ll give it a try and let you know how I get on though.


The Eyeko eyeliner is an absolute steal. It’s a full-size liner worth £9.50, so that alone definitely makes the box worth its price tag. The colour is ‘plum’ but it looks more brown – although it does look quite purpley in the picture.

There were two Clarins creams, a day cream and a night cream. I’m really scared about using these, just because I used to use a Clarins toner that I was completely in love with, and my bank will absolutely HATE me if I get hooked on these and have to start buying the full sized products!

The list of everything in the box says that I should have a FAB Body Wash, however I actually got the moisturiser. I was really happy about that though, as it’s perfect size for my handbag!

To top all of that goodness off they also put in a little sweetie too!

So. Is it worth it? Hmm.

It’s really difficult to say. The boxes themselves cost £10 + £2.95 P&P, but with my discount code I got it for £7.95. For that price it’s amazing and I couldn’t fault it, but I think if I’d paid £12.95 for it I might be slightly disappointed. It’s a great box, and I felt like a kid at Christmas when it arrived – after my sleepy hissy fit! – And I probably would buy another one, but I don’t think it’s something I would definitely keep up. 

Thinking of trying a FeelUnique or Carmine box next, anyone have any experiences of those?

Did anybody else buy a Glossybox subscription? Were you happy with what was inside?

Lola ..x

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At February 1, 2012 at 8:19 PM , Blogger QUEEN TEA said...

I am the same, don't know which one to subscribe to.....I'm leaning towards feelunique at the mo....


At February 3, 2012 at 6:51 AM , Blogger LolaStar said...

I really wanted to try the FeelUnique box, but every time I go to the website they say that they've reached capacity and I'm too impatient to wait!

If you do get one please, please, please do a blog review! Desperate to see what theirs is actually like.



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