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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ten 'Interesting' Things About Me


My name is Lola I’m 21 years old, a PR student and a completely new to the ‘blogging world’. Call it a New Years Resolution if you will, but I’m determined to still be here this time next year with hopefully a few more people reading.

So instead of all of the formalities of telling you EVERYTHING about my life I’ve decided to make this post a ’10 interesting things about Lola’ kind of thing. Hopefully it’ll be less boring than just listing endless, insignificant facts about myself. So, here goes.

One: I live with my boyfriend. 
Okay, so hardly something groundbreaking but it took us a long time to get here. The hurdles have made it even more worthwhile though and I’m really happy we managed to do it. 

Two: I’m adopted.
People who don’t really know my family but know that I’m adopted always ask, ‘So when did you find out you were adopted?’ My immediate reaction to this question is just to laugh. Not because I’m weird, just because my mum is white and I’m black. There was no ‘talk’; it’s something I’ve always known. I know people still see it as strange, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my mum. <3

Three: I love to cook.
My mum, bless her heart, cannot cook. So at 11, armed with a small pile of cookbooks I learned to do it myself. I’m not a gourmet chef, I still burn things, and I still make things that even a pig wouldn’t eat. But I love, love, love to cook. I’m a let’s-make-brownies-at-3am kind of girl.

Four: I’m hell-bent on losing two and a half stone by my birthday in May.
(Not the greatest thing to write after admitting that I make sugary desserts in the early hours!) Last year February my boyfriend and myself went on a diet. We both lost a considerable amount of weight, my boyfriend reaching his goal weight in a few short months. I had a LOT of weight to lose however and got just over halfway. When we moved we literally became carbohydrate FIENDS so my boyfriend has put on a fair amount of the weight he lost and I’ve gained 11lbs. We both need to jump back on the wagon, pronto!

Five: I love photography.
I really love to take pictures, but I’ve found it all quite arduous over the last few months and have hardly picked up my camera. I have a shoot that I need to edit right now as the model seems to be hot on my heels, but after that I really want to start shooting for myself for a while.

Six: I really love to travel but I hate flying.
During my gap year I travelled to Kenya and Tanzania and spent three months volunteering in an orphanage and teaching in a school. I was extremely homesick during that time but the whole experience was amazing. I would really love to travel elsewhere, but my fear of flying holds me back a little. However, my boyfriend and I are saving for Venice this year, so fingers crossed.

Seven: I’d love to be multilingual.
I say multilingual as that’s the long-term goal, but even bilingual would be amazing. Some people have a natural aptitude for languages but unfortunately not me. I tried teaching myself Spanish once but sentence structure was a killer without a formal teacher so I gave up. 

Eight: Slight TV addict.
I go through periods of not watching TV at all and then being glued to the box, and at the moment it’s the latter. Celebrity Big Brother (don’t judge me!), Friends, Modern Family, movies, anything. Don’t even attempt conversation, as I’m disgustingly engrossed in the box.

Nine: I hate wearing trousers.
Random, yes. Irrelevant, probably. True, most definitely. The only time I ever wear trousers is at work. Or jogging bottoms if I’m bumming around at home. Other than that you probably wont ever see me in anything but a dress. It’s an addiction, a cruel, cruel, addiction.

Ten: I’m boring.
It’s taken ages to write this list and I’ve realised that I need to be a bit more exciting! I don’t want to be cliché and vow that in 2012 I’ll suddenly become a whole new exciting Lola, but I would hope that if I did this again this time next year I’d have 100 things that I would have to whittle down to 10.

Well, take it or leave it, that’s me.

Lola ..x


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