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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My week in Instagrams #3

All-nighter. I seem to be doing a lot of these lately.

Chucked all the junk away. Need to go food shopping.

The Boy is Liverpool obsessed!

Blog sale goodies. LOVE bareMinerals and the Korres butter smells edible!

My free Swarovski pencils, blogged about here.

Finally remembered to take my bags for life shopping with me.

Went a bit swatch-crazy in Boots. Really want a lip butter in Sugar Plum. (Biggest swatch)

Apple & Peach Ribena. SO good.

Dinner Party. Starters.

Dessert, Tiramisu and strawberries.

Very belated birthday cake for my best friend. Carrot cake.

Coconut sweets from Nigeria. Addicted.

Stayed in a hotel the night before a family wedding.

Checking out. Hotel we were in had a tree house suite. Have to stay here next time.

Ferry home after the wedding.

What did you get up to this week??

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another freebie post ..

It’s been a little while since my last freebie post, so I thought I’d let you know about a few more that have cropped up.
They’re not all exactly free, as you’ll have you pay P&P. But here goes…
First one is one I’ve blogged about before, but it’s an absolute favourite of mine so I have to share it again. It’s the Nivea Super Moisturising Lipstick in Big Berry. It’s not as dark as it appears to be in the picture, it’s more of a sheer pink/lilac – I’m wearing it in my sidebar picture!

It’s priced at £6.99 on the HalfPricePerfumes website, but if you click here and enter code freenivealippy at the checkout you’ll only have to pay £1.99 P&P. I’ve got two of these as I love it so much.

Next up is Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer, available in Classic Beige or Soft Ivory – which of course are a tad too light for me. Haven’t used Rimmel Dual Action Concealer before, but I’ve read some good reviews on it.

Priced at £4.99, again on HalfPricePerfumes, but if you click here and enter code freerimmel you’ll only have to pay £1.99 P&P.

Last up from HalfPricePerfumes is Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Brown. This isn’t something that really interests me as brown mascara makes my lashes completely invisible.

This mascara is £7.99, but of course the same drill as last time – click here and enter code freebourjoismascara to only pay £1.99 P&P.

Next up is a free sample – and a bit of a weird one. If you head to the website and fill out a mini questionnaire you can get a free sample of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. Now before you click the little [X], wait …

Any tattooed ladies reading will know that this is perfect to apply on new tattoos to help them heal. BUT many a beauty blogger has hailed it as the perfect lip treatment. Anyone who suffers from very dry, chapped lips should give this a go.

Don’t be put off by the name, order a free sample and give it a try! 

Next is a sample of Silderm Stretch Mark Oil. Perfect for pregnant tummies, or those unsightly puberty stretch marks. I haven’t received my sample yet so I can’t say much about it, but for free? Hmm, why not?!

Not really a beauty product, or a freebie, but 4Kandles.co.uk are offering a sample of their new collection – similar to the Yankee candle offer. You only need to pay 99p with free shipping and you get five different scents.
My last freebie, which again isn’t beauty related is this lovely set of Swarovski Princess pencils by ICE London. Click here to head to the website and enter code EGPN-004 into the search box, this will bring up all of the pencil sets that are eligible in the deal.

During checkout enter code MOS100 and you’ll only have to pay £1.95 P&P. They’ve experienced a high volume of requests so they’ll take a little while to arrive but they look really cute and I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.

So that’s it for my freebies, as always I’ll let you know when I come across more! :)

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