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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week in Instagrams #5

Haven’t done one of these for a while, just because I felt like I wasn’t taking enough time to post other stuff and they were starting to take over! I’m getting back into the swing of things now though so here is last week …

Body Shop order / Introduced a friend to eyebrow threading / Strawberries for a cake / Burger & fries in Armadillo’s before cinema / Finally putting my washing away /

Fresh avocados / Won another giveaway / L’Occitane Instyle Event / World’s best smoothie from Zumo’s / Inside my L’Occitane goody bag /

Homemade rocky road / Lemon & Raspberry Cupcakes at work / Pizza at work – super morbid obesity is luring … / #PhotoADayJune I will complete it this time / #PhotoADayJune Day 1 – Morning /

Another Body Shop order with my free Satsuma body butter / Amazing L’Occitane Lip Balm – Review to come / Making a diet plan at work / #PhotoADayJune Day 2 – Empty / Swaps from BBS /

Put the eggs at the back of my fridge and they froze :( / Removing my shellac / SingStar time – my FAVE game / Gym @ 2am / #PhotoADayJune Day 3 – On my plate.

What have you been up to this week?

My Instagram username is LolaStar 

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My week in Instagrams #3

All-nighter. I seem to be doing a lot of these lately.

Chucked all the junk away. Need to go food shopping.

The Boy is Liverpool obsessed!

Blog sale goodies. LOVE bareMinerals and the Korres butter smells edible!

My free Swarovski pencils, blogged about here.

Finally remembered to take my bags for life shopping with me.

Went a bit swatch-crazy in Boots. Really want a lip butter in Sugar Plum. (Biggest swatch)

Apple & Peach Ribena. SO good.

Dinner Party. Starters.

Dessert, Tiramisu and strawberries.

Very belated birthday cake for my best friend. Carrot cake.

Coconut sweets from Nigeria. Addicted.

Stayed in a hotel the night before a family wedding.

Checking out. Hotel we were in had a tree house suite. Have to stay here next time.

Ferry home after the wedding.

What did you get up to this week??

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last week in Instagrams #2

I realise I’m now a tad late with this post (uni deadlines! :/ ), but here’s last weeks Instagrams.

Sunday night. Sat and watched a movie with The Boy. Don’t really drink so I had a shandy haha.

I’m perhaps a little addicted to chocolate philly …

#PhotoADayApril 9. – Younger you. And a very shady looking Santa …

Two of The Boy’s friends stayed with us for a few days.
One had just gotten back from Norway and brought us some Norwegian chocolate.

#PhotoADayApril 10. – Cold. Dilute Vimto & lemonade. If they sold this in clubs, I'd be out every Saturday night!

#PhotoADayApril 11. – Where you ate breakfast. It was more like brunch, but just sat people watching out of the window.

Baked a cake for everyone. Fresh cream and fruit. Didn’t last long …

Miserable day. Stayed inside with a blanket in front of the tv.

Half melted chocolate fudge Easter egg.

Played racing games with the boys.

Raided the penny jar. Hello £17 in 20p’s.

Love sending mail. Sending something to a BBS’er.

All-nighter. Watched the sunrise with The Boy.

On my way back from the supermarket. My apartment building is on the right.

#PhotoADayApril 12. – Stairs. Leading down to the dreaded rubbish room.

#PhotoADayApril 13. – Something you found. The Boy and I found this when we went away for our 2year anniversary and we’ve kept it ever since.

I love anything lemony!

First time having purple broccoli – looks like flowers!

Breakfast in bed. Egg & bacon bagel. Lazy day.

What did you get up to last week?

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Monday, April 9, 2012

My week in Instagrams #1

I’ve seen lots of bloggers doing this and I really enjoy them – since I’m so nosey – so they’ll hopefully be a regular addition.

I’m taking part in FatMumSlim’s #PhotoADayApril challenge, where you take a picture everyday in the month of April. So some of these pictures are from my challenge.

#PhotoADayApril 1. – Reflection. Me in the lift on my way to work.

#PhotoADayApril 2. – Colour. This was dinner on Monday. Tuna jacket potato with cheese and avocado.

#PhotoADayApril 3. – Mail. As you all know I did the Beauty Box Swaps Easter swap. These were the packages I sent off. I added lavender underneath the cellophane so it smelt nice when they opened it.

Chocolate Philly. It was on offer for £1 in Asda and curiosity got the better of me. Surprisingly it tastes really good.

#PhotoADayApril 4. – Someone that makes you happy. My boyfriend and I messing around.

St Ives Apricot Scrub. This came free through the post last week. Review coming soon. Really loving it.

Got my first amazing Easter swap from Jade. Loving the Vaseline!

My new panda ring. Totally in love!

Baking. Forgot to buy a rolling pin when we moved in, had to improvise! Haha

#PhotoADayApril 5. – Tiny. Cute little eraser from Jade’s bunny swap.

#PhotoADayApril 6. – Lunch. Cheese and caramelised onion tart with coleslaw.

Love the feeling of a fresh bedspread.

My second amazing bunny swap from Claire.

Accent nail – NYX 24k Glitter polish from Claire.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain & Balm, also from Claire.

#PhotoADayApril 7. – Shadow. Wagamama’s for the besties’ birthday. Jasmine flowering tea.

Sunday morning. Massive mug of tea and a blog catch-up.

#PhotoADayApril 8. - Inside my wallet. I keep more cards in another wallet but these are my essentials - yes, Nando's loyalty card is an essential!

What did you get up to last week?

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