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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last week in Instagrams #2

I realise I’m now a tad late with this post (uni deadlines! :/ ), but here’s last weeks Instagrams.

Sunday night. Sat and watched a movie with The Boy. Don’t really drink so I had a shandy haha.

I’m perhaps a little addicted to chocolate philly …

#PhotoADayApril 9. – Younger you. And a very shady looking Santa …

Two of The Boy’s friends stayed with us for a few days.
One had just gotten back from Norway and brought us some Norwegian chocolate.

#PhotoADayApril 10. – Cold. Dilute Vimto & lemonade. If they sold this in clubs, I'd be out every Saturday night!

#PhotoADayApril 11. – Where you ate breakfast. It was more like brunch, but just sat people watching out of the window.

Baked a cake for everyone. Fresh cream and fruit. Didn’t last long …

Miserable day. Stayed inside with a blanket in front of the tv.

Half melted chocolate fudge Easter egg.

Played racing games with the boys.

Raided the penny jar. Hello £17 in 20p’s.

Love sending mail. Sending something to a BBS’er.

All-nighter. Watched the sunrise with The Boy.

On my way back from the supermarket. My apartment building is on the right.

#PhotoADayApril 12. – Stairs. Leading down to the dreaded rubbish room.

#PhotoADayApril 13. – Something you found. The Boy and I found this when we went away for our 2year anniversary and we’ve kept it ever since.

I love anything lemony!

First time having purple broccoli – looks like flowers!

Breakfast in bed. Egg & bacon bagel. Lazy day.

What did you get up to last week?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Restaurant review: The Laughing Gravy, Southwark.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

My posts have been a little sporadic of late, and I had such a lazy weekend that I didn’t follow up with the posts that I meant to.

Last night the boy and I went to a restaurant as an early Valentines Day celebration. The Laughing Gravy was recommended to us by a friend and is apparently ranked 9/9000 of all of the restaurants on Trip Advisor.

It took us a while to find the place as we drove and kept getting lost – particularly bad since we live in London!

When we did eventually find it, it was a really cute, cosy place with fairy lights over its high walls and tea light candles on all of the tables.

Apple Virgin Mojito - I was driving!

Towards the front of the restaurant there’s a book section, where you can read the books they have. They also allow you to take the books home, but encourage you to swap it for one of your own.

I couldn’t take too many pictures, mainly because the boy hates it when I take pictures in restaurants (tsk tsk!).

The food was absolutely amazing though, quite honestly the best steak I’ve EVER had! Ever, guys! All of the staff are really friendly, and we felt right at home. Our waiter looked genuinely upset when we said we didn’t want dessert.

Staffordshire Innes goat's cheese, Somerset Brie, mature Cheddar and three onion pasty with slow roasted tomato chutney and herb leaf salad - It was soooo good!

World's best steak!
Lincolnshire steak with shallots, flat mushrooms, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, Madeira sauce and garlic butter

HUGE light in the restaurant. Looks really small in the picture but the boy & I would have been able to fit inside!
Loved it, want one for the flat - not that we have any room! :(

Since a friend recommended The Laughing Gravy to us, I felt that it was my duty to pass it onto you guys – if you ever find yourselves in Southwark then definitely give this place a try. It’s not hugely expensive and all of the food looks great, I wanted to try everything!

Lola ..x

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