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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - Or Cleanse and Rash?

I’ve been putting this review off for a long time, (a) because I wanted the size effects of this product to completely disappear first, and (b), I’m about to give a ‘cult classic’ a negative review.

Not so long ago Red Magazine was offering a wonderful freebie, which I’m sure boosted their sales no end. It was a 30ml tube of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish with a muslin cloth, worth a sweet £5.90.

I’ll spare you the running commentary on what it does and ‘what they say' because you’ve probably heard it all before.


I bought the magazine and honestly completely forgot about it so it was a while before I used it. This was complete fete as I was attending a wedding a little while after I got it, and if I’d been using the C&P I would have been completely mortified.

As much as I complain about my skin, the occasional whitehead/s, and not to mention the blemishes, I know that I’m really lucky. My skin is so resilient, and while certain products do break me out I can get away with quite a lot. At least I could until the dreaded Cleanse & Polish came along …

The first day I used the cleanser I immediately fell in love. I was worried that I’d have the same issues that I had with the Decleor Aroma Cleansing Mousse – blogged here – but it was honestly much better. All of my makeup was removed and my face felt really soft and smooth afterwards.

A few days later, and thankfully after the family wedding, I noticed some bumps above my top lip. I didn’t think anything of it as I thought it might have been heat rash – not that it had even been hot... That evening I did one of my trusted Sudocrem Face Masks, but when I woke up in the morning nothing had changed. As the days went by I started using less products on my face, as I was unsure what was causing the rash – however, C&P stayed firmly in my repertoire! If only I knew …

As more time passed the rash got worse and worse, makeup wasn’t hiding it and people had begun to notice that I looked like I was just hitting puberty! Since I’d switched back to old products and cut out anything I thought was even slightly irritating, something clicked that the Liz Earle could be responsible. I googled it and after an absolute age of searching through blog & website reviews of women gushing over it, I came across this post.

Sounds about right!

I’ll give Cleanse & Polish – and its fans –  its due; it is an amazing cleanser. It’s everything I look for in a makeup remover and does everything it says on the tin. But I’ll pass on the spots. Ta.

This is me a few days before the rash really took over – it got much worse unfortunately, and took about 10 days or so to clear up. Makeup didn’t cover it very well at all :(

Meet my hamster cheeks :)

Thankfully it was pretty much gone by the time my birthday shindig rolled around just under two weeks later, and what was left was easily covered with makeup.

I’m back to normal now with no lasting marks, however my face is a lot more sensitive than it used to be. I’m even worried to use my home microdermabrasion system just in case it’s too abrasive for my skin.

Anyone else on the ‘I Hate Cleanse & Polish’ bandwagon? Or are you a beloved fangirl? :)

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Late. Last week in Instagrams #4

I’m sorry this post is so late; I’ve been really busy trying to get my last assignments in at uni!

Last week wasn’t very eventful at all, but here it is …

Made a beauty box for the boy, as he’s jealous of mine!

That’s the last time I let the boy loose in the kitchen. Took us days of scrubbing and it’s still not off!

New Muller yoghurt, mint chocolate chip. Not again thanks.

Diet was getting boring. Yoghurt in a glass – didn’t liven things up at all! Haha

HORRID rash came up on my face – post to follow on this – so I did a Sudocrem facemask! Casper has got nothing on me!

My eyelash extension and brow dye results. Hated. Blog post will also follow.


Strawberry FroYo in Nandos.

Eyelashes out already. Really painful.

Discount Soap & Glory heaven!

 April GLOSSYBOX. Blogged here.

PO are charging me £15.57 to pick up a package – in their dreams!

Venti Skinny Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. The only thing that gets me through a day at work!

What did you get up to last week?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty Secret: Sudocrem Face Mask

Project: Face.

Okay, I know it sounds weird. Before last week I’d never had even thought about putting Sudocrem on my face, but …

From time to time for no specific reason my face breaks out, and I’m one of those awful people who has to pick my spots. Annoyed by a few craters growing on my face I looked around the house for something to put on them and came across the Sudocrem.

I’d always thought of Sudocrem as a remedy for sores, rashes and minor irritations, but it can actually be used on acne too. I don’t have acne anymore but I figured it’d still be good for my spots.

After my shower I cleansed and toned and then applied the Sudocrem.

Eugh, please excuse my fluffy, blow-dried hair!

It’s important not to use too much as a little goes a very long way, and massage it in as much as you can.

The Boy laughed at me because I looked like Casper ...

... but I had the last laugh as when I woke up the Sudocreme had completely absorbed, my face was really smooth and all of my spots had dried out.

I exfoliated to get rid of any residue and my craters had turned into small pimples. Win!

I wouldn’t recommend doing this more than once or twice a week, otherwise your skin will get too used to it. But it’s perfect for all skin types though, and a big tub for £3? Perfection.

Anyone willing to give this a go? :)

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