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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan - Weigh in #1

For the last week I’ve been on the Jenny Craig diet*. Jenny Craig is a plan that delivers diet food to your door. Every week you’re provided with 21 meals and 7 snacks, which are also supplemented with fruit and veg (and some other bits, too) that you buy yourself.

Along with your food you’re sent a folder of all the info you’ll need for your time on the plan. You’re also assigned a consultant who you speak with on a weekly basis (or more if you need it!) to help you with the plan.

My Experience

The week has had its ups and downs. The diet itself is relatively simple and easy to follow. Broken down into three meals and three snacks, there’s plenty of food for you to eat from day to day.

The food itself is all pretty tasty, although the JC portions in my opinion are particularly small. I don’t think they look very appetising but like I said they’re quite nice to eat.

The first day was bad. I had a massive headache all day and although I was eating often, I wasn’t feeling full and found myself counting down until the next time I was going to eat.
So for the second day I decided to put my meals and snacks together, so I was having 3 largish meals a day. I realise that if you look at the list above that sounds like a lot of food, but if you have a look at most of the pictures they were fairly regular sized meals. My consultant was on the fence about my doing this, but it has worked for me so I’ll probably continue doing it next week too.

The major down of the week was the appearance of Auntie Rose after two days on the diet – if you catch my drift, ladies. I was really disappointed. Mainly because I always gain weight around this time – in fact I bloat up like a puffer fish and in the past have gained up to 7lbs! I thought that my efforts of the week would be completely destroyed – especially because I always crave evil carbs and may have indulged in a few things I shouldn’t have …

The Weight Loss

I’m sure this is the part you’ve all been waiting for. This week I lost a total of 1.2lbs, which obviously very modest. However considering I usually gain around this time, and my puffer fish body hasn’t felt up to any exercise at all I don’t think 1.2lbs is too shabby.

I also measured my body before starting, and I’m really pleased with the inches I’ve lost.

Hips: 0

Waist: -2"

Bust: -1"

Thigh: 0

Arm: -½"

Three and a half inches lost, 1.2lbs down, lots of food eaten, and no exercise done?
Don’t mind if I do, ta.

My goals for this week are to stick to the diet and get some exercise done. I’ve just downloaded the Nike+ app and ordered some Neoprone Workout Shorts so it’s all systems go this week!

For more information about the plan then check out the Jenny Craig website.
If you'd like to any me any questions about the plan then feel free to catch me on Twitter - @iamLolaStar

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jenny Craig: First Impressions

I’m sure that from the title that most of you will be able to guess what this post is about, but before I crack on with it let me give you my ‘diet history’.

There’s probably not a fad diet in existence that I haven’t attempted – lemonade, sacred heart, baby food, slimming world, and even starvation (fear not, I didn’t last long!). I’m the Fad Diet Queen.
Without giving you a sob story, I’ve always been ‘big’. I was bullied a lot for it when I was younger and my weight fluctuates more than share prices.

Last year I went on the Dukan diet and lost three stone. I felt amazing, and I looked a lot better – or at least I felt like I did, which is the main thing, I guess. But I moved away from home and my flat was above a deli – yes yes, disaster. Two stone crept back on – through a cycle of losing and regaining. And then just gaining …

So queue Jenny Craig. I’m sure you’ve all seen how amazing Mel B looks, and she claims it’s all down to Jenny Craig. Well the lovely Jenny contacted me recently (I wish! But her lovely PR team did!) and offered to provide me with two weeks worth of their eating plan to try.

After speaking to someone at their call centre on Tuesday evening, this massive package arrived on Thursday. Just so you really comprehend how big the box is, that’s my iPhone on the right.

The mahoosive box wasn’t just food though, it contained lots of information to help me make the best of the plan.

I was most impressed by the sheer variety of the food. Pasta, chicken tikka, korma, mashed potato – it’s hardly what I’d class as diet food, especially when comparing it to my previous ‘diets’.

I was also given a measuring spoon to help me with portion control – not for my JC meals, but the extras that you can add. The blue folder is full of a lot of information about the programme and your eating habits. It doesn’t just deal with losing weight, but also the reasons behind unhealthy eating habits. I really like this as I’ve always said that it’s something that’s inherently missing from other diet plans – they tell you what food to eat, but don’t address the reasons why you might make the wrong food choices.

I went shopping yesterday and got the extra things I’d need – vegetables, fruit, starches, fats, etc. and will be starting the diet today. Obviously I’ll keep all of my readers up to date with how I’m doing – and more importantly the weight loss!

The plan is available to buy from the Jenny Craig website, and is currently priced at £50 per week, which provides you with three meals a day. If you’ve got any questions about the plan, or you want some more information on in then make sure you check out the site.

This trial has been provided free of charge for review consideration. 
As always, PR sample or not, my review will be 100% honest, innit. 

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Late. Last week in Instagrams #4

I’m sorry this post is so late; I’ve been really busy trying to get my last assignments in at uni!

Last week wasn’t very eventful at all, but here it is …

Made a beauty box for the boy, as he’s jealous of mine!

That’s the last time I let the boy loose in the kitchen. Took us days of scrubbing and it’s still not off!

New Muller yoghurt, mint chocolate chip. Not again thanks.

Diet was getting boring. Yoghurt in a glass – didn’t liven things up at all! Haha

HORRID rash came up on my face – post to follow on this – so I did a Sudocrem facemask! Casper has got nothing on me!

My eyelash extension and brow dye results. Hated. Blog post will also follow.


Strawberry FroYo in Nandos.

Eyelashes out already. Really painful.

Discount Soap & Glory heaven!

 April GLOSSYBOX. Blogged here.

PO are charging me £15.57 to pick up a package – in their dreams!

Venti Skinny Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. The only thing that gets me through a day at work!

What did you get up to last week?

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