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Friday, November 23, 2012

Mega Deal Alert: Penny Shoes From Internaçionale

internacionale penny shoes for 1p black friday sale

To celebrate Black Friday Internacionale is offering an amazing deal and whilst I’m strictly not a fashion blogger, this offer was too good not to share.

For exactly 15 hours from 9am today you can bag yourself these peep toe shoes for just 1p. Yes that’s right, a penny. And what’s even better is that standard UK delivery is free.

Now I don’t wear heels very often but I just have to get a pair.

Will you be bagging yourself a pair of penny shoes
Make sure you hurry, it’s only while stocks last!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Studded Shoes ..

Some of my older followers may remember these shoes from a H&M haul a few months back. Whilst I did really like them when I bought them (a steal at £14.99!), for some reason they’ve just been gathering dust in my wardrobe.

I love the gold caps!

I’ve been wanting to do some DIY stuff recently, and so I bought some studs from eBay. However, when they arrived they were quite a bit bigger than I was expecting.

So what better idea than to jazz up my abandoned shoes.

Starting in the middle, I put seven studs on the front just behind the gold cap. The studs work a bit like split pins so they won't dig into my feet while I’m wearing them.

I wanted to put four studs down the back seams, but it was so difficult to get the studs in the seam I decided to leave it at just two.

Finished product



In case you were wondering, I bought my studs from this seller - £5.95 for 50 inc. P&P.

Have you done any recent DIY projects?

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Currently Lusting Over Michael Kors ...


I really need a new wallet. I have a Marc Jacobs card wallet that I use for my oyster, student, and bankcards. Then I have a little coin purse (which I’ve stuffed with the rest of my cards!), but I’m fed up of having two purses. I want a bigger one for everything so I can keep the Marc Jacobs for my oyster and student card. Love the fact that you can detach the coin purse!

My friend may be able to get me 50% off so this is a definite purchase … soon. Would like it in the brown, white and turquoise combination.

I honestly haven’t owned a pair of shades in years so I really want to invest in a pair that’ll last me a while. I love aviators and these Ray-Bans look be-yout-iful.

Unfortunately no discount on these so time so save the pennies.

Really can’t help myself when it comes to Zara shopper bags. I already have two, one in brown and the other in grey felt, but this baby is gorgeous. Dropped a few hints to The Boy and my birthday is in a few weeks – so we’ll see.

I originally saw New Look’s version of these – here – and really liked them, but came across these while creating my image board. Definitely prefer them, the colour of the New Look ones seems slightly garish now. Don’t think you can go wrong with these for only £35. 
The Boy just looked over and doesn’t seem overly impressed, but I love them!

What are you lusting after this week?

PS. Don’t forget my giveaway is still running, here. :)

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wants This Week: Shoes.

Behind on my Wants This Week – again!

Good news though, my boyfriend surprised me with one of my Wants from last week. His lips are sealed and he won’t tell me which one it was, so I’m really excited to see what gets delivered!

My Wants This Week are shoes. When I thought about what I’d do this week, shoes seemed to be the best idea since the boy had bought me two pairs last week. BUT there wasn’t much out there that I liked right now, which was disappointing.

So here are my picks, the best of a bad bunch to be honest!

I’m obsessed with slippers at the moment, I haven’t bought myself a pair yet as I need to find the right ones – and try them on, which is the only downside with ASOS – but these are really cute.

Again, slippers. I’m really annoyed as Topshop had an AMAZING pair of studded black slippers, which they only have left in a horrible, nude pink at the moment. So these are the next best thing. And you can’t go wrong with suede!

I didn’t realise that there seems to be a recurrent theme of black shoes. I have pair of black t-bars, also from DP, but these are similar to some that Topshop had a few months back. I’m not usually keen on patent shoes, but I love the frills!

I didn’t want to just pick out flats, and even though I don’t wear heels very often I’m completely in lust with these. I love the platform and the chunky heel.

These are probably my favourite out of all of the shoes. They’re made out of goatskin, and look like they’d be really comfy – well, as comfy as heels can be! I love the block colours, and as well as the black and white, Zara also stock them in white and coral. Love, love, love. 

What are you picks for this week? Link me any shoes that you've been lusting after!

Lola ..x

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Mini Haul! ..

The other day my boyfriend and I went shopping to try and find him a jacket, and we ended up buying everything BUT a jacket!

Whenever he buys himself something new he always get me something too - he's such a sweetie, so here are the things we picked up on our trip.

H&M - £10

This jacket is from H&M – how ironic that it was him who was supposed to be getting a jacket, not me! It was the last one in the sale section, so it was obviously meant for me! I thought it was really cute and can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going, and it has a really nice silk lining.

River Island - £7 (Reduced from £15)

I really love chunky knit stuff and I spotted this snood as soon as we walked in. It’s so soft, and really warm and I’ve not stopped wearing it since we got it!

Dorothy Perkins - £20 

My boyfriend has got really good taste in shoes, and I was so happy when he picked these up. I’m usually a size six, but these were huge in a six and so I had to get a five instead. I haven’t worn them out yet, but they feel really comfy and they’re oh-so-cute!

H&M - £7.99

Again, another pair of shoes. It’s becoming a bit of a habit now. I love plain pumps that I can just slip on and off and these fit like a glove. If I’m wearing an elaborate dress, or even accessories, I don’t like to overdo other parts of my outfit, so shoes like this are perfect. And at £7.99 I’m sold!

H&M - £2.99 (I think!)

I have about four or five different lip balms in my bag (read: suitcase) and it’s always a trouble to find them so I got this little makeup bag to keep them in. And of course since I was buying it, what better excuse do I have for buying another lip balm?

H&M - £2.99

This Vanilla Lip Butter smells ah-may-zing and it keeps my lips really soft and supple.

I also got some wipes to keep in my bag and some shea butter hand creams.

Both H&M
Wipes - £1.99 (They smell good!)
Hand creams - £1.99

I’m not very good at going shopping; I actually hate it I’m sad to say. After a few shops I get fed up and want to go home – online shopping any day! So that was it after we visited three or four shops. The boy got some really nice stuff too so it was a good trip all in all.
Lola ..x

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mini Shopping Haul ..

Decided to do a little haul of the stuff from my shopping trip.

Picked up some Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub from Boots because of my combination skin. Although it does get very, very oily, it’s also really dry so I love to use this to give it a good scrub and get rid of any dead skin.

I also get really dry lips and was using EOS lip balms for a while but just found that they didn’t do much for me. So I’m back to my oil faithful, Carmex. Absolutely love this stuff! Hadn’t tried the mint one before so I picked up one for my boy and I to try.

For valentines day last year, my boyfriend got me a pair of gorgeous flats from Zara and I literally wore the heck out of them until they pretty much fell apart – okay, they didn’t fall apart but they got quite dirty! So when I saw these in H&M I just HAD to buy them. They’re almost the same, just not as good in terms of quality. 

I also picked up these black shoes too. I actually haven’t had any black flats in a while, my last ones got ruined in the mud and since then I’ve stuck to anything brown. These were from Dorothy Perkins and were £23, but they’ve got an offer on at the moment for students to get 25% off so I couldn’t pass that up! I’m not a huge patent shoe fan, but these are undeniably cute. Weirdly they say Barratts inside – even the woman at the till was confused but they definitely have them in other stores and online!

Didn’t buy a lot of clothes, I hate shopping usually. I’m an ASOS girl – I love ordering stuff online because I HATE trying on clothes in the shop. ASOS Premier is like heaven to me!
Again from DP, got some cute PJ bottoms. Don’t really wear them in bed that often, so they’re mostly for slobbing around the house!

They’ve got a really cute ribbon at the waist, which is handy because I bought a size too big.

Last thing I bought was this dress from H&M. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t wear trousers so pretty much live in dresses and this was an absolute steal at £10 – could hardly contain my excitement when I got to the till and it scanned at £7! The bottom of it is slightly silky and the top is just like a t-shirt. It’s got really nice folded, capped sleeves and a cute little pocket on the front too.

Please excuse the pictures. My boyfriend and I have set up a bed on the living room floor – yes, we’re big kids! – and that was the only space I had to take the pictures.

I also got a t-shirt for the boy and a cute cardigan for my friend Zoe.

Anyone else addicted to the sale section? Picked up anything nice recently??

Still waiting for my H&M online order (humph!)

Lola ..x

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