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Monday, February 25, 2013

What I Bought: Sleek Makeup Haul

Sleek is a brand that I haven’t really explored much even though it’s loved in the beauty blogosphere. Not because I don’t want to try it, on the contrary actually. But every time I head into a Superdrug store I find that the Sleek counter is really messy or hardly has any stock – it took me months to find a rose gold blush, and even then they only had one which I was buying as a gift. Anyway I digress.

Sleek Makeup Haul

Sleek was recently offering a 25% off code if you filled out a short survey for them, so I saw it was a perfect opportunity to indulge in a few things I’d been lusting over.

Sleek Makeup Haul
The colours look really washed out in this picture; they’re in fact a lot more vibrant than the picture appears. The middle colour is a fiery red, which is a colour I don’t really have in my collection, so that pretty much sold the palette for me.

Sleek Makeup Haul
I’ve actually been looking for this kit for months and every Superdrug I go into never has it in dark. I was reluctant to buy online as my skin tone is pretty dark and I wanted to swatch the contour shade, but I took the plunge anyway and I love it.

Sleek Makeup Haul
Sleek Makeup Haul
I finally have one! This was probably the highlight of my whole order. It’s a fantastic dupe for NARS Orgasm and it's the perfect summer blush for all skin tones.

Sleek Makeup Haul
Sleek Makeup Haul
Another dusky pink nude to add to the lipstick collection. Now that I have it I’m slightly on the fence about it but I think it’s a great nude for lighter skin tones.

Sleek Makeup Haul
Sleek Makeup Haul
My absolute favourite eyebrow pencil! I always use this to fill in my brows as it looks nice and natural and doesn’t scream “I’ve drawn on my eyebrows!”

Sleek Makeup Haul
Sleek Makeup Haul
I have no idea why I bought this. I’m sure I was watching a YouTube channel or admiring a makeup look on a blog that happened to feature this shade, as it’s not something I’d usually even think about buying. Hopefully I can find a use for it though!

Sleek Makeup Haul
Sleek Makeup Haul
I’m not a big gloss wearer anymore but I couldn’t help but put this in my basket. It applies as a cute, sheer pink with a nice subtle shine and it look great on top of the Liqueur lipstick.

So that’s my little Sleek haul, expect to see some reviews and proper swatches soon!
What are your favourite Sleek products?

LolaStar Hearts UK beauty lifestyle blog

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What I Bought: Kiko Cosmetics Haul

Kiko is a brand I’ve heard lots of bloggers rave about in the past but I’ve never tried any products. The other day while I was in Westfield I decided to have a little look-see and thought it’d be rude to leave without picking something up!

Soft Touch Blush – 105 Dark Rose - £7.50
This isn’t a shade I’d usually go for but when I swatched it I was surprised at how complimentary it was. It’s a really subtle deep pink that’s unlike anything I have so I’m excited to use it!

Luscious Cream Lipsticks – 503 Hot Cocoa & 521 Dark Mauve - £5 each
It was only when I got home that I realised how similar these colours are, however when swatched the look completely different. Hot Cocoa is a matte, muted nude perfect for a my-lips-but-better day. Dark Mauve isn’t as creamy but it’s still a rich colour with red undertones.

Crystal Sheer Glossy Lipstick – 403 Desert Rose - £5
Another dusky pink – I sense a theme here! This lipstick isn’t as peachy as it looks in the picture and applies more like a tinted balm but it’s another complementary colour that I’m looking forward to using.

Ultra Glossy Lip Pencil – 614 Currant - £3.90
This is 100x brighter than something I’d usually wear, but since it’s quite sheer the colour isn’t too ‘in your face’.

Pencil Lip Gloss – 10 Dark Rose - £2.90
What can I say; I’m a sucker for pinky nudes. This pencil is amazing as it’s gorgeously glossy and has an amazing colour pay off.

Have you tried any Kiko products?

LolaStar Hearts UK beauty lifestyle blog

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I Bought: Collective Beauty Haul

I know that a lot of bloggers are on a spending ban right now but most certainly am not, so here’s what I’ve picked up recently.


Louise Gray for Topshop Brush Set - £32

I was instantly drawn to these when I hit the makeup section in Topshop. I can’t find the link for them as I think they’ve sold out, but the set contains powder, blush, foundation, eyeliner and eye shadow brushes.

I’ve been wanting to try Topshop lipsticks for a while as everyone raves about them and I’ve finally come across a colour that’s flattering for my skin tone. Rumour Has It is a dusty rose with a velvet finish.


I picked up this foundation brush as I wanted something to apply facemasks with. I have a few TBS brushes already and they’re really good quality.

I’ve been looking at this online for a while now and even though I don’t need to add another balm to my collection I couldn’t help but grab it.


This smells edible really nice. As I’ve said before I love scrubs and since this was half price in the sale it would have been rude of me not to pick it up!


My foundation is getting a bit low so I decided it was time to pick up a replacement. #bbloggerxmas girls will know that this is my Holy Grail foundation – I absolutely love it. The price is pretty average for a premium/high-end brand, and an 8g tub lasts me about a year so it’s really cost effective.

I’ve wanted to try this for absolutely ages, and got the girl at the counter to try some on me and it’s even better than I expected. I think £24 is a little steep since it’s the same price as the foundation, but since I’ll only need a small amount I can see it lasting even longer than a year.


Everyone always raves about the elasticizer so I picked up this kit so I could give it a go. I stupidly didn’t read the part that says ‘body & shine’ so this isn’t exactly for my hair type, but I’ll use it all anyway.

Tara Smith Feed The Root Shampoo & Conditioner - £10 each. Shining Moment Glosser - £12

Last month I attended a Tara Smith Blogger Event and was given some samples of her shampoo and conditioner (review to follow!). I’ve fallen in love with the sulphate-free formula and had to get some more. They’re a bit more than I’d usually pay but definitely worth it.

Multi-use = Lola loves. I swapped with someone for the sample that came in a Glossybox last year and my hair was literally addicted. It smells amazing and applies like a dream.

It was a big toss up between this and the Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask, but I think I prefer this. I’d tried both but I have a few enzyme masks already and this one is perfect for my oily skin.

I’ve read some good reviews on the Marks & Spencer beauty range and a girl can never have too many exfoliators, so for just £6 this definitely had to accompany me to the till.

Yes, another body oil. It's a cruel, cruel addiction. It smells and feels amazing!


I love the Avene Cleanance range and had to get this during the Escentual sale.

I’ve got a post coming up about this so I won’t go into too much detail, but this stuff is amazing for spot/acne-prone skin.

This is one of my most favourite body oils. In fact I kept the empty bottle when I ran out of the last one because I was too upset to chuck it in the bin – sad, but true. You can read my review of it here.


I actually bought this on a FB swapping group. A girl had two, sealed, original tubes and was selling them for less than the price of one tube in Boots so it would have been rude not to buy!

I have another one of these and I adore it so picked up another one since it was such a bargain. I accidentally put the wrong colour in my basket but I think this is quite cute anyway.
So that’s how I’ve bankrupted treated myself this month so expect some reviews very soon!

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