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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outfit For My Sister's Wedding ...

Whilst my blog is definitely not a fashion blog, I thought I’d share my outfit idea for my sister’s wedding at the end of this month.

Now before I explain my outfit, I blogged months ago about being a bridesmaid for her wedding, but unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances this isn’t be possible. I was a bit sad about this as I’ve only ever been a bridesmaid once before and I think I was too young to enjoy the experience, so this would’ve been nice. 

However, the dress looks like this:

Lucky escape perhaps?

Anyway, the wedding is a traditional African wedding – which is like worlds away from me as I didn’t grow up with my siblings and my ‘real’ family – so I want to play it safe with something in neutral colours.

Wedding Outfit

The Outfit:

The dress is definite; I love it so there’s no way I’ll be picking anything else.

I hate to show my upper arms – hate – so I need something to cover them up. I realise that I can’t wear the blazer all day/night so I might need an alternative but at the moment I’m thinking of this.

I really wanted this bag, which is only £15 on eBay. I’ve seen in a few posts that they’re lovely and slouchy and quite big so would have been perfect. However, the seller is in HK so there’s no way it’d arrive in time.
The BooHoo bag isn’t to my taste exactly, but I definitely want a brown envelope clutch.

Would love these, as I won’t be able to get the Heels.com shoes due to them also being abroad. The New Look shoes are a bit risky as I’m not sure they’ll go completely so I need to see them in the store.

Overall I know it looks like beige/nude overkill, but I think they’ll look okay considering my dark skin tone.

What do you guys think?

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wants This Week: Shoes.

Behind on my Wants This Week – again!

Good news though, my boyfriend surprised me with one of my Wants from last week. His lips are sealed and he won’t tell me which one it was, so I’m really excited to see what gets delivered!

My Wants This Week are shoes. When I thought about what I’d do this week, shoes seemed to be the best idea since the boy had bought me two pairs last week. BUT there wasn’t much out there that I liked right now, which was disappointing.

So here are my picks, the best of a bad bunch to be honest!

I’m obsessed with slippers at the moment, I haven’t bought myself a pair yet as I need to find the right ones – and try them on, which is the only downside with ASOS – but these are really cute.

Again, slippers. I’m really annoyed as Topshop had an AMAZING pair of studded black slippers, which they only have left in a horrible, nude pink at the moment. So these are the next best thing. And you can’t go wrong with suede!

I didn’t realise that there seems to be a recurrent theme of black shoes. I have pair of black t-bars, also from DP, but these are similar to some that Topshop had a few months back. I’m not usually keen on patent shoes, but I love the frills!

I didn’t want to just pick out flats, and even though I don’t wear heels very often I’m completely in lust with these. I love the platform and the chunky heel.

These are probably my favourite out of all of the shoes. They’re made out of goatskin, and look like they’d be really comfy – well, as comfy as heels can be! I love the block colours, and as well as the black and white, Zara also stock them in white and coral. Love, love, love. 

What are you picks for this week? Link me any shoes that you've been lusting after!

Lola ..x

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