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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review of freebies I've received! ..

Just a little post about freebies that I’ve recently received – all of they items were free but I paid P&P for all of them.

Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in Green
Bourjois claim that this eyeshadow contains nylon microspheres, allowing it to be “stretched and blended infinitely”. Not too keen on the colour but I want to give it a proper try before I rule it out completely.

Nivea Super Moisturising Lipstick in Big Berry
I’ve raved about this product before, but I really have fallen in love with it. It’s not as dark as it appears on the website, and glides on as a very sheer pink not purple. I liked it so much that I ordered another one as soon as it arrived, so I have one in my makeup bag and one in my handbag.

Revlon Mix & Mingle Lip Palette in Tango with Mango
Not my cup of tea at all. Very sticky gloss and the colours aren’t really for me. ‘nough said.

Fudge Oomf Conditioner
You get one sachet of these for free with every order from HPF so I’ve had three so far. It’s for “fine, limp hair” and my hair is far from fine and limp. I’ve been giving these as extras in my Beauty Box Swaps trades to get rid of them.

Big Shotz
Mango and Passion fruit vitamin and mineral drink delivering 10 daily vitamins at 100% RDA. Tastes … weird. One of those things you tell yourself tastes nice ‘because it’s good for you’. Probably wouldn’t buy again, but was okay to try. The Boy didn’t really seem to think so though, and I had to force him to drink the whole thing!

Victory Tea Blend No 1
I love a good cuppa but the sample was a bit of a rip off – 16 ‘free’ teabags and £1.99 delivery make it more expensive than a normal pack. BUT I’m always willing to try something new so I gave it a go. Really like the tea, can’t explain the taste but there’s a definite difference to my usual PG Tips haha. 
Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask
Got this free from Glamour Magazine this month and used it yesterday. I could definitely see and feel a difference in my hair afterwards. I stupidly decided to use a different shampoo & conditioner before the mask though, so I’m not sure if the difference was because of the shampoo or the mask. Probably wouldn’t buy it full price though. 
Clinque Moisture Surge Gel
Got it free with April issue of Cosmopolitan. I’d heard rave reviews about it and the sample was worth about £18 (!) so really wanted to try it. Applied it one night before bed, instead of my Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream and … woke up with spots all over my face! Literally could have cried. I get the odd breakout around my TOTM and a few whiteheads here and there, but I had about 10 spots all over my face when I woke up. Never again!

The gel also came with a lipgloss that I’m yet to use. Might apply it over my lipstick to see what it’s like.

So that’s it, always on the lookout for free stuff – so when I know, you’ll know :).

My next post is a little treat for you ;)

Lola ..x

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At March 30, 2012 at 8:32 PM , Blogger Keishy said...

Honey, that Clinique moisture gel is everything. I love their products.

Cool blog! Happy to have found you through blog hop.




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