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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: Blogging, Beauty & Personal

Picture taken from Mashable. Edited by me.

I can categorically say that I’ve never made good on a New Year Resolution. Well, that’s not completely true – but generally speaking as soon as I say ‘This year I’m going to …’ then we can be pretty sure that it’s not going to happen.

Last year I set up LolaStar Hearts as a bet with my boyfriend. Sad, but true. I have about 5 other blogs that I’ve started but never kept up with – pretty sure I haven’t made it past the two-week mark – until now obviously.

So since I’m pretty much invincible now, I’m hoping that if I set my resolutions in stone here I’ll actually complete them – as it obviously worked so well for me in 2012!

Keep blogging into 2014 | Post at least three times a week | Comment on more blogs 
 Do more makeup posts | Get to know more bloggers | More lifestyle posts

Go for regular facials | Get an intensive facial peel 
Spend more on skincare | Stop using sulphates in my hair

Graduate & get a job | Diet (!!) | Drink more water | Be less shy
Be happier 
| Make time for date night with the boy | Learn something new
Looks like I’ll be busy in the New Year!
I think that they’re all achievable if I set my mind to it – as I did with this blog.

I'll do some update posts throughout 2013 and let you all know how I'm doing.
Happy New Year!
What are your resolutions?

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